December 22 – January 19

The Sea-Goat ….. The Sign of Capricorn naturally resides in the Tenth House of the Zodiac. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn and is considered a Cardinal Earth Sign. Capricorn rules the knees and the lower legs.

Capricorn: The Goat. The purified essence bursts into light. Clairvoyance, clear-seeing. Practical vision. Unemotional. Sober, orderly, control, manipulating, power. 

Objectivity on the part of The Mage is difficult, as the Mage believes that Capricorns represent the incomparable absolute in human evolution to date …(hehe). Capricorns are resourceful – Keyword is – I Use.

POSITIVE – Oh my where to start? Capricorns are cautious, and will attempt to conduct themselves in a business like manner. Capricorns generally hold traditional values. They are most often responsible and scrupulous individuals that can at times be a bit too much of the perfectionist.

Capricorns are the Supreme loners of the Zodiac. They do not require the company of others to find fulfillment, and are prone to extraordinary bouts of solitude. To their friends this can be un-nerving.

Capricorns are all business. They feel as though they must accomplish something stupendous to be fulfilled. Capricorns have an extreme capacity for hard work, and believe that their security lies in cold hard cash, real estate or material objects. A Capricorn will not be deterred in their pursuit of assets. Above all else Capricorns desire quality in their possessions.

The Females tend to be sounding boards for the problems of others. Everyone seems to feel that they will receive practical advise from the cold, austere female Capricorns, and will reveal their life stories to them in the first five minutes that they are introduced.

Capricorns are extremely literal, saying exactly what they mean and expecting the same from others.

NEGATIVE – Capricorn females are as cold as ice, but will not admit it. They are blind to the needs of their mates, feeling that they should be strong enough to succeed independently. Males have what can be termed a “wandering eye” toward the opposite sex. This leads them to all sorts of problems as they will deny any interest in Sexual escapades. Capricorn males have an inordinate interest in metaphysics.


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